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Desc:'Drugs will frag you faster than a room full of Shamblers'
Category:Educational, Video Games
Tags:Doom, quake, Daikatana, john romero, Greatest game developer ever
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Comment count is 15
John Romero just made me his bitch.
Maggot Brain
In short; you can indulge on the hyper violent but don't ever do drugs. Thanks John, you're a class act.
A nice drug habit would have improved Daikatana immensely.
From the gay shirt to the gayer sword, I love everything about this.
John Romero thought he was special. Then he made Daikatana and realized it was all a lie. And he crashed hard.

Drugs are a lot like nerd fame.
Kids, instead of letting drugs make you do stupid things before you run out of money and crash, do it with Romanian mail order brides!

Dinkin Flicka
I briefly equated him crashing hard to a crashed hard drive, which is what Daikatana did to my computer.

Beyonce Knowles
Thanks John.
What is he doing today?
Up to his same old tricks....he's been touting the development of some radical new FPS since about 2005. He's a Cyberathlete now!

Does that include pharmaceuticals? Because we have actual "drug stores" in my town.

How crazy is that?
I think you're better off doing a rocket jump.

But watch out for shamblers.

So what about the time me, Romero, John Carmack and the Reverend Ivan Stang fought off a room full of zombified, shambling Dallas celebutantes while does to the gills on coke? Because I remember there being PILES of coke from Mesquite to Shreveport back in the day.
Spike Jonez
I wonder how many grams of coke he got busted with in order to have to do this little PSA? Also, +5 for the Stang reference. Praise "Bob"!

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