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Desc:Apparently they were doing a contest where a randomly chosen fan would win money?
Category:Classic TV Clips, Sports
Tags:wwe, rick astley, rickroll, internet invades real life, i call shenanigans
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Comment count is 13
Of all the random names to draw out of the hat, they had to draw the fucking /b/tard.

I hope harder than hope that this wasn't supposed to happen the way it did.
so wrestling is doing what crap easy listening radio is doing and giving away money to get a bigger audience?
-5 for bad marketing
+5 for rickroll on national tv
Pretty much, yeah. Ratings have been in the toilet, so LET'S THROW MONEY AT THE PROBLEM.

(Then again, if the rumors are true, Vince is about to be a part owner of UFC, so haw haw haw.)

Princess v2.1
Two-hundred-thousand dollars? That's a weeks pay for The Rock! That's four new shirts for the The Rock!
Why diss this. This is extremely generous of Vince. Shoot for all the awesome matches I've seen with John Cena it should be me giving him money.

You are my favorite troll, Cena_mark. Enjoy and Billy Buttsex have nothing on you.

Caminante Nocturno
It's really a pity that his "dying" storyline had to be ruined by some beefy jerk offing himself and his family.
Rick Astley is never gonna let me down.
Frank Rizzo
I dont think he'd run around and disert you, either.

You fail at spelling.
And I fail at replying. Jesus.

Not so much RickRolled as just got someone's voice mail.

The only funny thing is watching Vince try to trick everyone that this is an exciting event.
He dials like my grandpa.
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