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Xenocide - 2008-06-13

Multi-part submission thingy didn't work. Here's part two:


Frank Rizzo - 2008-06-13

no way! really? you mean poe is buggy?

I had no idea!

FatFatuousNation - 2008-06-13

Don't do this Frank, life is worth living

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-13

I hate the multipart submission. It never works.

But Kieth gets an auto five. Rate it/listen to it before it's down.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-13

Now I'm screwing names up. How flat will my head be after this round of forehead-smacking, I wonder.

HURF BLURF DUH - 2008-06-13

On a very narrow level, I accept McCain's premise that a small military presence might be necessary in Iraq for a long time, and if there is peace there, it's not a horrible thing.

But in the larger "context" of the situation, Olbermann is of course right. McCain is the easiest target of our times, from that perspective.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-13

Because America fucked up so much in the last five years, we're going to have to. And that's about as non-partisan and pragmatic towards the future as possible.

God I hate to sound like some chest-thumping jingoistic fuckhead like those other people who fit the shoe, but dammit, we have to fix the fuck-ups we're all responsible for. And maybe, just, JUST BARELY, POSSIBLY, we can export enough positive values globally, so that our Lighthouse On A Hill will be reborn in people with the drive to burn the torch for future generations beyond.

I have hope.

And as much as I agree with this guy on being angry about things, he's just a pundit too, when you look at him.

Whitewater5 - 2008-06-13

shhh, you've fucked up horribly and destroyed the lives of millions, don't start with the hurf during about the break it/bought it again. just do what everybody wants and leave.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-13

WE WILL LEAVE. But what about tourism? Isn't that always a nice economic boon? I like how the middle east looks in Springtime! And why the fuck would anyone visit for any other reason than humanitarian ones in the next two decades if we up and went like it was Saigon all over again, huh?

We destabilized an entire sub-global region. AGAIN. We fucked them over massive. We owe it to them and to ourselves to at least FUND their regrowth, but it's such a turbulent area now, how the fuck're we supposed to do that now? America is going to have an influx of Iraqis just like we had an influx of Hmong. AGAIN.

I ask fair, if loaded questions; I'd like for you to at least bare a modicum of debating skill for this little squabble here. Find out the points we agree on, and work up from there to convince me you're right. Believe me, I'm a vascilating chump for arguments.

joyofdiscord - 2008-06-13

We are the bull in the china shop trying to exercise break-it/bought-it, but the only tool we have available to buy/fix things with is the bull. Gee golly I sure do have hope that one of those days the good old Americans will make everything okay again and teach those savages how to behave. I'm sure not going to consider the thousands of years of historical precedent about these kind of murderous shenanigans, no way no how.

Quit being a war apologist. Job Done. Leave. Out. Now.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-13

Okay dude, hands up here, over my head, fingers interlocked, turning around, on my knees now. I forgot how war kinda has that habit of being really ugly, unsavory business for everyone. I'll stop, I surrender.

nonplusplus - 2008-06-13

j lzrd / swift idiot:
Lighthouse On A Hill? Burn the torch? Entire sub-global region? Tourism? What the fuck are you talking about?

nonplusplus - 2008-06-13

re: Lighthouse On A Hill
See, this is your problem. You think America, the country you happen to have been raised in, is a shining lighthouse on a hill leading humanity to freedom. America *is* freedom, therefore anything America does to empower or enrich itself is a selfless, shining gift to humanity. And if some part of humanity (like say 90% of Iraqis) can't seem to appreciate that gift, and you have to incinerate a few of them in order to establish yourself, well... good thing you carried that Torch with you.

Please do us a favor and google the term "American exceptionalism".

FABIO2 - 2008-06-13

We should at least install a secular strongman before we leave =\

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-14

Oh lord, "F.F.S." needs to be a commonly recognized acronym around these parts by now.

"The Lighthouse On A Hill" are words I "BORROWED," from one of those old dead "SMART GUYS," who went all up and wrote our country into being.

I'm not a goddamn patriot, I'm just using visual imagery from... no, you know what, I'm going to just stop here. When you're done putting words into my mouth, we'll talk again.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-06-13

McCain is watching this and chuckling quietly.

Cleaner82 - 2008-06-13

That image is too creepy for words. Thank you.

sheikurbouti - 2008-06-13

Between chuckles he's saying things like "I have 3 shirts!... ...In Russia they kill eighty-eight babies a day, ya know... ...where's the hyperspace..? ...I want my check..!"

Camonk - 2008-06-13

"Now, my story begins in 19-dickety-two. We had to say "dickety" cause that Kaiser had stolen our word "twenty". I chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles..."

Screwtape - 2008-06-13

"ha, 'dickety', highly dubious."

I wish McCain would pull out his oatmeal spoon.

bacon-swiss - 2008-06-13

As someone who's about to actually go to Iraq, I can tell you, without knowing the situation "on the ground" there, it'd be cool to declare victory right about now.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-13

Holy shit bacon-swiss are you FUCKING SERIOUS~!?

What branch of the Armed Forc... oh, wait, I can't ask you that and you can't tell, loose lips.

Make sure you bring everything you could possibly think of to win those Hearts and Minds, and try to check in regularly so we know you're still in one piece. Christ man, why didn't you mention anything sooner, or did I just miss the memo by a month?

bacon-swiss - 2008-06-13

It is completely possible for me to keep you posted. I'm a pussy tech-specialist with a pogue position on base.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-14

Well, if the mortars ever start falling, find yourself a doorway and crouch in that shit, hands over head, for all your life is worth. We don't need another of you guys to come home with Old Glory draped over your pine box.

charmlessman - 2008-06-13

Olbermann is a golden tongued god.

Billy Buttsex - 2008-06-13

I was thinking more like "incredibly wimpy MSM-cronie faggot."

Jefka - 2008-06-13

Haha- You just had to go and wake Billy up, didn't you charmlessman?

charmlessman - 2008-06-17

Mission: Accomplished

Spit Spingola - 2008-06-13

I usually agree with this guy, especially in this video, where everything about McCain is completely damning. But his style gets more overwrought ever time I see him. If Stephen Colbert ever decides to turn liberal he should look to this guy for inspiration.

Jefka - 2008-06-13

Ditto with Spit's comment.

Olbermann's is always on the lookout to do his Edward R. Murrow impersination.

theSnake - 2008-06-13

Olbermann stirs a dual reaction in me. On one hand, I am immediately suspicious of anyone that is so sure of their opinion they become self righteous. He's is the only liberal pundit I know of that gives diatribes like this.


Caminante Nocturno - 2008-06-13

There is no way McCain cannot realize what kind of person he has turned into.

Unless he has always been like this all along.

Pillager - 2008-06-13

McCain would do anything to be POTUS.

He'll just end up as another Bob Dole.

Camonk - 2008-06-13

Given that he's a republican, and so a morally bankrupt vampire, I know which choice I'm going with.

Hooker - 2008-06-14

Blah blah.

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