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Desc:Balls of Fury and Congo: The Lost City of Zinj
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:seanbaby, Broken Pixels, congo, have your grandma pull the car around, Balls of Fury
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a flaming monkey
Have you ever tried downloading one of these episodes? They're like 140 megs! No wonder the damn things take so long to load. Why don't they just flv them?
Crispin is funnier than Seanbaby in this one! Even Shane isn't that bad, mostly because he keeps quiet a lot.
Have your grandma bring the car around.
Aubrey McFate
Have your grandma bring the car around.


Caminante Nocturno
I'll bet that even those spinning brown things are female, too.
poor Kabalo
I like how Seanbaby has started to interrupt Shane before he can say something stupid.
Have your grandma bring the car around.
La Loco
Twelve and a half minutes of boring people playing boring video games. Yeah, I can see how this could deserve five stars.
La Loco
Sorry, forgot that it was a boring video game based on a boring movie.

It must suck to have no sense of humour Mr/Mrs Loco

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