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Desc:the end is what makes this
Category:Humor, Video Games
Tags:TF2, soldier, implied bestiality
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Comment count is 10
That's the most annoying censor noise I've ever heard.
It only really fit once, and at the end, and it wasn't great.

Also it is now my mission to find a corresponding video to activate the "implied bestiality" tag.

If someone took the time to apply the unnecessary censorship, why didn't they bleep the beginning of the word maggot to give that a more loathsome connotation?
It's buzzin' in my goddamn skull--
hey guys this ad in the newspaper has a typo in it

it says "five apples for one fuck"

boy I'd like to get in on that offer right stoner guitarist hueh hueh hueh hueh hueh GUNSHOT
Good idea, poor execution.
My fucking ears.
Magical Man from Happy-Land
would have been 3 stars if the beep sound effect wasnt so out of place and annoying
It sounds like the Morse code button on somebody's toy walkie-talkie.
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