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Desc:Don't do it, Tom Green!
Category:Humor, Video Games
Tags:Tom Green, Team Fortress 2, 4chan, gentlemen, fatnigger
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Comment count is 8
"I have my wizard cloak and hat"

That was pretty great.
The middle of it sounds like some sort of bizarro conversation between a hooker and her john.

As temperamental and snotty as ever!
I enjoyed the ending as well. "You can't trust anybody."
Does anyone else think that Tom Green killed himself a couple of years ago, and we are actually all just watching his personal hell?

condemned to the internet to deal with the same brand of later teen offensive shenaniganry that got him famous. good one Satan, good one
erection reset by queer
He taped these all before his death, like Brian O'Blivion in Videodrome.

When will people learn that call-in shows NEVER WORK OUT
Syd Midnight
Hahaha he's old now.
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