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Desc:A frivolous Jackson nails a dummy with a 400 g slam.
Category:Science & Technology, Sports
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Comment count is 10
He's no Roachbud.
Quinten, not Gwen as I first heard.
However I won't make fun of him since I think he could punch me over the internet.
So what that mean? Should the standard be the amount of brain damage he can inflict or has endured?
I'm 5'ing the slam he inflicted on Emilianenko in '04. I still can't believe he didn't win with that one.
Dr Dim
That was Randleman, a different big black guy with slams.

Also, Rampage looks pretty spaced out... I don't know when they filmed this, but he now apparently is "under psychiatric evaluation" after running his truck into a lot of cars.

Oops. You're right. Not even the same weight class. I watched that fight live, too so that's ultra-senility kicking in for me.

I was thinking of the time he (successfully) KO'd that boring Brazilian BJJ guy.

Godard's Drinking Problem
Newton never said that!
rampage is such a tard. I love that he feels the need to intimidate the scientists. WE GET IT YOU COULD BEAT THEM UP.

Blaster crush!
It's a good thing for those other MMA guys that he can't actually power bomb them.
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