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Desc:'I'M DOGMEAT!' Bear with me folks; it's my 32nd birthday this weekend and I'm a little nostalgic
Category:Classic TV Clips, Advertisements
Tags:toys, kids, Milton Bradley, board games, fireball island
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Comment count is 14
I *totally* had this game. I don't even remember if I played it properly, it was just so cool.
j lzrd / swift idiot
This was the most awesome board game of all goddamn fucking TIME, and I will totally sock you in the solar plexus if you say otherwise. The hours I killed with family and friends with this game... It's a collectors item now. Wish the Fam hadn't handed it to some second hand store.
Zhou Fang
It made the most awesome Micro Machine playset.

The Mothership
It was a really good game. I saved so many of my own toys for when I had my own kids; wishing I had saved this one now.


happy birthday, anonymous!
Jeff Fries
I tried, tried, tried to convince my 5th grade class to get this game instead of Outburst, but the girls formed an impenetrable faction against me, NPI.
Thus is a lifelong misogyny formed.

Caminante Nocturno
I had a friend who owned this game. For some reason, he never wanted to play it with anyone.

That guy was a pussy, actually.
I had this game. Most of the pieces were quickly broken, but it still made a great playset for army dudes, micro machines, etc.
Hello Dogmeat, nice to meet you. I really admired your work in Fallout.
I dimly recall maybe having this game, because of the jewel and the turning head. Either way, what a wicked game.
Jimmy Labatt
Anonymous is actually me (fucked up the login when submitting).

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I am now 32 going on 12
I loved this game, practically the only one I'd play with my board-game-obsessed mother (besides the Tri-Dimensional-Chess set I had).
YES !!

I searched the basement for this a while back but couldn't find anything but the cards - the Canadian version with french crammed in there.
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