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Desc:One of the great smackdowns of all time. Skip to 6:40 for rebuttal.
Category:News & Politics, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Iraq, Senate, c-span, oil for food
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Ooooh, fuck. I love to see a good eviscerating. Mr. Coleman is just bouncing around in that chair like he wants to sprout wings.

At about the twenty minute mark this is getting really wild. Even after it gets batted back to Norm, Galloway keeps his cool.
Galloway's a total cocksucker, but you have to love when an petty asshole like Coleman gets his shit wrecked in front of a TV camera

Asshole?! He's a Scot!

Erm, let me try that again. *cough*

Okay --


Cocksucker?! He's a Scot!

Syd Midnight
Whether he's any good as mayor of a huge city or not, it was cool to have him in a political office because he was crazy enough to shake things up and make ballsy moves.

Also, American politicians should know better than to throw the gauntlet down in live debate against British politicians. They get mauled.

Syd Midnight
whoops, got him confused with Livingstone

i like the growing smile on the guy behind him the most
fightthesmears.com could learn a lot from this guy
Dramatic taking-off of the glasses at 20:10
i would give all that I have for someone in the back of the house to yell "you got served Coleman!"
Thoroughly entertaining.
Robin Kestrel
This is how it's done.
Like a motherfucking rock saw.
Sadly, Coleman is utterly incapable of feeling shame. But at least Minnesota won't have to put up with him for much longer.
Goethe and ernie
Following this, he briefly became a hero of the left in the UK, but it didn't last.


No, it didn't last...
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