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Desc:Includes a picture montage of the most unjustifiably smug people in the world.
Category:Stunts, Advertisements
Tags:Jean-Claude Van Damme, splits, 80s action movie hero rejects
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Dr Dim
Love the guy with swords at 0:50. Slightly disappointed at the lack of Rex Kwan Do flag-pants but otherwise some excellent groin displaying. It's like a mating display that only works on people who own the laser disc of Bloodsport.

PS I used to have this guy's book. It's OK I suppose, if you really stick with it.

Personally I prefer the first one, with the guy who's completely naked, save for a toddler with which to cover his shame.

My favorite is 0:44. All it needs is a Superfister caption.

my photo COULD be here.
wtf japan
Nothing says "martial arts" like exposing your greatest vulnerability in the most ridiculous way possible!
Could my photo ever be there?
Caminante Nocturno
Don't bring children into this. Why would you do something like that?
the instructor keeps repeating "dont do stupid things!" but the pictures are doing exactly that, i dont know what to believe.
Why do all these people look like rapists?
if either of the presidential (or vice-presidential) candidates can show a picture of themselves doing this, they will get my vote
this is a great way to break GI Joes
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