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Desc:LLCoolJ raps about sharks while wearin suspendors, surrounded by synchronized swimmers and strippers
Category:Classic Movies, Nature & Places
Tags:sharks, ll cool j, Samuel L Jackson, deep blue sea
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Comment count is 10
Is he saying "my hat is like a sharks fin"?
Sudan no1
"my HAND is like a shark's fin."

No he's pretty clearly saying hat. I'm sure of this. As sure as I've ever been of anything in my whole life.

Angel Carver

"Deepest, bluest..." is almost as birdbrained as the "my hat/hand is like a shark's fin." It's inanity is totally unsung.
Apparently part of the price of having LL Cool J in your movie is that you have to let him do a ridiculous song.

To the death
That's how sharks fight
Weapons left behind
We duel with the MIND

My hat is like a shark's fin!
"killaz gotta eat too, lookin' for human flesh to rip my teeth through"!!!! FUCK YES!
"Eat your whole fam
ain't nothin' left but a right hand
clinging to a rail
all escape attempts fail
death coming at a moment's notice
you want some focus
Me and my crew strike like underwater locusts"

Damn but this is the best rap song ever. Well, either this or "Nightmare on My street"
a nice song, but still pales to Beat Street lyrics.

beat street king of the beat
rockin that beat from across the street
beat street is a lesson too
cuz you cant let the streets beat you uh

oh grandmaster flash, philosopher king.

his hat is clearly also like a shark fin.

I dont even know what LL is talking about, "I ate your ancestors???" are you a shark hatted man or a shark?
"God won't intervene."
"The ocean is haunted."

I fully support the existence of this song.
I like how he morphs into a shark at the end. His hat becomes a shark fin.
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