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Desc:All thanks to Clint!
Category:General Station
Tags:fat, phone, british
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Comment count is 12
thats where I want to live
I don't know how to respond to this, really.
I'm happy for this kid, but I don't get why Sarah is mad at him. I mean I'm assuming Sarah's his girlfriend, because he says he loves her. Does anyone know what the context for this?
I saw this as part of a longer clip on another site somewhere, I can't remember much of it but I got the distinct impression that she was his "girlfriend" in the middle school sense and they had in fact never met. The reason for the "breakup" was she finally saw a picture of him.

ohhh. that makes total sense. thank you.

You're happy because this kid's friend scored him a pity date with a girl that finds him physically repulsive?

I'm happy for brutal awkwardness of the "date" if it actually happens.

I'm most happy for the woman who screams when entering rooms.


does footage exist of the actual date?
Baleen, I don't see how you can expect film of something that didn't happen. It's a fat kid, not some sort of time twisting demi-god.

Are these fatties as incomprehensible to other brits as they are to Americans?
Where was that little rat kid when I had my first phone ask out in grade 9 ?? EH??!??! I Needed you Rat kid!!
five for the sounds in the background
I love watching fat kids cry
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