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Desc:The first trailer for Punch-Out!! Wii
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:stereotypes, Wii, punch-out, King Hippo
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Caminante Nocturno
Why do you hate the French, Little Mac?
a flaming monkey
That last little victory flurry scene really pissed me off for some reason
is it because he looks like a twelve year-old filipino kingdom hearts character?

a flaming monkey
yep, and that facial expression... God, I'm angry.

Jeff Fries
Nintendo come out of retirement already
Shamefully, I'm totally jazzed for this.
Frank Rizzo
Im not ashamed

I mean come on, every character was a more better version of the original.

cmon. its PUNCH OUT.
I was convinced you were willfully reading croissant into what was at best a vaguely crescent shaped golden thing.

Those are so definitely croissants. I INTERNET APOLOGIZE / what the hell Glass Joe.

Glass Joe bleeds croissants. This both answers and raises countless questions.
Would that mean that Soda Popinski bleds hammers and sickles? What are you telling me, Japan?

I never pegged Glass Jaw Joe for French. Oh well, KING HIPPO! WOO!

Also, dazed King Hippo has pineapples flying around his head instead of little birdies.

Totally rad

What about Battletoads?
What about new ideas?

Someone has finally woken up and realized it's the 30-something gamers, who started gaming in mid-80s to early 90s, who have money and a desire to spend it on re-living their childhood.

And besides. All the good games have been done... Right?
I don't play video games but I hear they made one out of Enki Bilal's Nikopol trilogy, so yeah, probably.

Comrade Admiral
High quality video here:

Best part - Von Kaiser's expression when he realizes he's about to get a star-powered uppercut to the face.
Justin Dohrmann
Five stars if tattooed Mike Tyson is an unlockable extra.
Monchiles Monchiles
If they could somehow get Mike Tyson into the game, I just might buy three copies.

Mike Tyson?!
Yeah I am pretty good at Punch Out so that'd be cool if they asked me to be in it.

This looks like a lot of fun. I hope it has a 2-player mode
Nintendo innovation!
your gay owned

Got me there!

This is one of few Nintendo re-treads that doesn`t involve fucking Mario or Zelda or Pokemon, so five stars.

Still holding out for a Kid Icaurus title.

I am shamefully excited for this.
The style is amazing. At one point, Mac ducks a punch from von Kaiser and, as he charges up his uppercut, Kaiser gets this "Oh fuck" look on his face before he's knocked off his feet.

I hope the game is full of those reaction shots. That would be fun as hell.
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Interestingly, Little Mac is looking rather identifiably Japanese in this clip. Seem to remember the original sorta having an Italian palooka, Sylvester Stallone thing going on. Hell, he was born in Brooklyn.

Maybe it's just the angle.
Bracing for the Doc cutscenes.

Nigga stole my cell shading!
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