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Desc:A short and sweet clip of a kid showing off his costume.
Category:Fashion, Video Games
Tags:Half-Life 2, short and sweet, halloween costume, headcrab
Submitted:Ms. Vonscarlet
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Comment count is 21


I always just copped out and went as a ninja. :-/

But then, I DID really like ninjas.
Ms. Vonscarlet
What a great mom to actually sew this for her kid!
Caminante Nocturno
Frank Rizzo
this is not a cat video
This is not a cat video!

This REALLY isn't a cat video!

For the record, my cat did eat 2 of the claws. ;)

this child will turn ghey.

eat it!
eat it!!
Yes yes, everything's gay.

and you are less gay because you call everyone else gay!

You know, I'd like to get a group of my son's middle-school friends together someday to figure out why everything's gay. Would you like to join us? I'm assuming you're a middle-schooler as well. You probably would think the Combine Soldier costume I did for him this year was gay too. The gas mask and AirSoft gun, the awesome vest I made--man, they just burnt out the gaydar detector.

This makes me giggle madly.
Woah! Woah! Woah! Can I touch it? Woah!
Super awesome!
This kid has the coolest mom ever.
Dinky Patterson
Soon to be met by the mother of all eggings.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Nah, if she can afford to make a headcrab costume she can probably afford to give nothing but king sized hershey bars. And 3 Musketeers because those rock and if you don't like them you are gay beyond reason.

Thanks, UCF. I would never settle for plain old Hershey's bars. Of course, I grow my own cocoa beans and make my own chocolate for the chocolate moat around my house. ;)

Seriously, I only have the one kid. This Halloween costume thing I started when he was 3. Whatever he tells me to make, I make. I put my heart and soul into it and then reap the rewards when he gets double candy from everyone for having such a kick-ass costume. =)

This year's costume was a Combine Soldier:

Took a solid month to make. My husband and son did the video together. We have a whole household collaboration!

Thanks everyone for the kudos. I never meant to have the video so out there--I made it in seconds to post for my mom and her friends at work. Had I known it would take off, we would have done the video like we did this year. Live and learn!

Lamarr! LAMARR!!!!
I hope he has a brother who dresses up as a crowbar.
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