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baleen - 2009-01-21

This lady has posted a how-to to every white trash hair style you can fathom, to the accompaniment of unbearable Christian Contemporary.

John Waters would blow me if I sent him these.

OldScratch - 2009-01-21

Video is down. John Waters is feeling really betrayed right now.

baleen - 2009-01-21

No it ain't. Do you live in Britain or Europe? Chet explained that there were some weird variations on what was accessible.... Somethin something. I don't really get it.

Mike Jordan - 2009-01-21

This specific video is down for me, but I can watch the rest of them. I'm in the US.

It might be hard to top her video of barrel rolls with the African tribal hymn anyways.

boner - 2009-01-21

If I click through to YouTube.com then it plays.

kennydra - 2009-01-21

It didn't work for me at all earlier when I was at school, even when I clicked through to youtube (it would come up on the comments page but the video would say its been removed). I am on the same laptop as earlier, and I am in the US.

Clearly this video is possessed by the holy spirit. Or something.

PS LADY: that little "trick" made your hair MORE frizzy, tard.

nuzzles - 2009-01-22

Is it against the Bible to wear cha-cha heels?

Enjoy - 2009-01-21

Why do I get the feeling all of her clothes involve jean skirts, white tennis shoes, and mantillas?

Desidiosus - 2009-01-21

Why did I first think this video was titled Apocalyptic Hairstyles?

Unsung - 2009-01-21

You too?

Ghoul - 2009-01-22

Of course, The jean skirts would all be homemade in order to beat back the demons of vanity. They still haven't figured out how to sew the white Reeboks yet.

wtf japan - 2009-01-21

Isn't the point of the "no makeup, no fancy clothes, no cutting of the hair" requirement to avoid the sin of vanity?

Oldmacho - 2009-01-21

I think it has more to do with giving them something to do so they have less time to think about not being a baby squirting cook-bot. The whole scene is a very much about control...

Paracelsus - 2009-01-21

I thought this said, "Alcoholic Hairstyles."

dead_cat - 2009-01-22

Hey, lady. do you know what else isn't very flattering? That thing on your head that looks like a possum fell into a vat of hair dye and drowned.

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