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Desc:Probably the most realistic rendition of a vampire every put on the screen
Category:Classic TV Clips, Advertisements
Tags:vampire, white people, not a burger, der wienerschnitzel
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Caminante Nocturno
This is all Bela Lugosi and Ed Wood do in Heaven.
wtf japan
It's das! DAS Wienerschnitzel! DAS DAS DAS!

Lauritz Melchior
Because I never bothered to learn the genders, just assuming that they'd eventually come to me (which never happened, probably because I suddenly got involved in dance and haven't had a German class since), I reached a point where I'd pull 'die', 'der', or 'das' out at random in conversation unless it ended in -chen of -eit. Now, however, I will always know that it is DAS Schnitzel!

(tl;dr dancing ruined my german!!!)

Syd Midnight
White People!
Oh god Wienerschnitzel is delicious.
big pincers
this is simply not true.

well, okay, it's about as delicious as what your mother would make when she was too tired to make a real meal.

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