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Desc:ECW Legend The Sandman drunkenly babbles about 9/11 conspiracies.
Category:News & Politics, Sports
Tags:Drunk, 9/11, Sandman, ECW, conspiracy theories
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Comment count is 9
A strange combination of elements. You've got the verbal diarrhea of recent ex-wrestler videos (the Iron Sheik), partial conspiracy theories of loonies like David Icke and Alex Jones (though, instead of a NWO plot, it some sort of diabolical Die Hard With A Vengeance-ish robbery scheme), and Nick Nolte's voice after three packs of Doral cigarettes.
Frank Rizzo
he summarizes the conspiracy theories really REALLY well, every point is a drunken made up polished turd.

5 for the idiocy that is "911-truthers" and the preload image.
The Townleybomb
Dr. Girlfriend has really let herself go.
here's some stars, don't spend em all in one place.

Sandman has always been one of my favorites. And this is him at super awesome. He's always wrestled his best and gave his best promos drunk.
Quick get this man on CNN! It's the spokesman for the people we've been waiting for!
He's still alive!!!

Sandman is too stupid to live, too tough to die! I know it's gauche to 5-star your own submissions, but I have to give then to Sandman for forgetting Saddam Hussein's name.

I hear you talk about your Saddam and plutonium 213, well Rudy 213 says I REMAIN UNCONVINCED!
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