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Desc:Short and sweet...
Category:Science & Technology, Video Games
Tags:Zelda, short and sweet, calculator, TI-83+, geekdom
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This doesn't look like the end of a ledge at all.


puddin p


back in middle school, getting tetris to play on your graphing calculator guaranteed your popularity in math class. Until the teacher caught on...
This Zelda game (made by a user named Spencer on the revsoft.org website) on the TI-83+ beat out DJOmnimaga's Zelda Game found on:


Although DJOmnimaga has a more lengthy and in-depth review of his Zelda game, "Dark Link Quest" looks like nothing but a ZZT mod, and not a sprite-for-sprite recreation of Link's Awakening.

Although, now that I think about it, making a ZZT game on the TI-83+ is giving me a nerdgasm.
Discovering ZZT is the greatest of my middle school computer rites of passage.

Weirdly enough, this morning, I had unearthed my TI-83 and was wondering if anyone had ever made a Zelda game for it.

Then I remembered, I had this pushy block puzzle game on there- I really liked it and now I want to play it again, but my calculator doesn't work.

Note: This pushy block puzzle game and the fact that it was right there on my calculator is why I'm so bad at math.
Blockman, right? I had it for DOS but I remember someone doing a popular calculator version.

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