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Desc:Pauly Shore + paint thinner + Robert Smith's hair + a rigged contest
Category:Classic TV Clips, Stunts
Tags:MTV, Jesse Camp, TRL, back when MTV was still awful but played music
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Prickly Pete
from WP:
"In late 2006, he was reportedly working at a Los Angeles-area pet supply store called Centinela Feed & Supply."

right down the street from my house...oh how the um, mighty? have fallen? er...
La Loco
I don't like this sunset strip dick wad.
Jesse belongs here as a target of our Internet snobbery at his poseur, trendy, malldouche persona and incredible lack of, uh, well, anything.

as a homeless glue-sniffing androgyne teen who loves the crazy punk music, i identify with the antics of jesse camp and the mtv network and wish to purchase things to demonstrate this
Sudan no1
how awesome would it be if he started a summer camp named after himself and fundies left their kids in his care thinking it was jesus camp
who would want to go to camp camp?
other than john waters, i guess.

The Townleybomb
This guy was no Puck from Real World.
Gee... what would it be like if Paulie Shore and Bobcat Goldthwait had a child and left it on the doorstep of a tranny.
I wnat to find him (at his feed store or whatever) and mock him.
Don't forget he made a record!

you know MTV is a failure when they decide they MUST have a replacement for Pauly Shore
Jack Pumpkinhead
Spit Spingola
Jesse Camp was an absolute trainwreck to watch and I enjoyed it. Everybody was uncomfortable when he was around. It was pretty surreal watching him introduce the kind of stuff MTV played too. HEY YEAH YEAH LET'S WATCH A MARIAH CAREY VIDEO IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME RIGHT HERE ON MTV!!!!
The human Spuds MacKenzie
I remember this guy. It was really a case of everyone going "let's vote for the worst guy!", and as a result, he got the job. Funny thing is, the much more competent and qualified person didn't win, but MTV gave them a job there, anyway. I can't remember who that person was, tho. I do remember they had a follow-up contest where they said "Okay, we get the joke. Now please, get Jesse off our channel!".
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