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Desc:This is real. No one is this funny on purpose.
Category:Advertisements, Arts
Tags:obama, Chia, Trash Tv Commericals
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Comment count is 14
5 for the number of Chia Obamas I'm going to order
Yep. Fantastic.
It looks like him when the seeds are first spread but the full grown version looks more like a Chia Dennis Rodman circa 1995 if you ask me.

Seriously, who the fuck has ever bought a surplus of Chia pets?


Who the fuck has ever bought a surplus of Chia pets while not under the influence of some horrific drugs and/or it being the only thing in Walgreens on Christmas Eve??
as a side note, one chia pet qualifies as a surplus.


i was thinking of buying them like one would buy water for Y2k

I buy my brother a Chia Pet every year, and he buys me a Hilshire Farms basket, because I think he's stupid and he thinks I'm fat.

Then you guys should switch! You get a chia pet and you might less fucking full of yourself, you fancy bitch. He gets a meat basket and he might put on a few pounds and stop strutting around like he owns the place.

Caminante Nocturno
Thanks for shoving the memory of that stuttering Chia voice back into my head, you bastard!
It's the sign of a bad artist when you have to write Obama's name right on the sculpture
Is this for people who like or people who hate Obama?
Liberty, opportunity, prosperity, and hope: LOPH.
"Send one to a friend" is the only real use for this product.
Menudo con queso
Gotta withhold a star for not having "Smiling Chia Obama", that one exponentially increases the creepy/funny factor.
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