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Desc:When beards meet kitties
Category:Pets & Animals, Video Games
Tags:beard, CATegory, fetch, Dwarf Fortress, clean your damn apartment
Submitted:Wonko the Sane
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Comment count is 17
La Loco
Can I has ma fetch?

ive seen lots of tabbies do this, i think the real question is where the fuck did his tail go
Kitten fur crossbow bolts

Stars for the wicked stunt at 1:15.

Also that dude should use his vacuum.
lots of cats do that.
I think we have another nominee for the "clean your apartment for god's sake" tag.

I mean, I really dig Dwarf Fortress, but this is kind of sad.

(also: My cat does this, but with bottlecaps.)
he tried to assign a dwarf to do it but couldn't remember the proper key command

dwarf fortress and kittens?!?!
Usually this ends when one of your dumb shit dwarves sets his hand on fire and burns the entire fucking settlement to the ground.

pressed peanut sweepings
I had a cat that played fetch. I also have a beard.
I had a cat that played fetch, and i shaved yesterday.

I have a cat that plays fetch. I also have a beard. Does that mean I win?

Awww, little hunter kitten!

I would have been impressed if the kitten gave it to him. Still, him fighting to wrestle the toy away from the kitty was amusing.
Yeah that's not "fetch" so much as "kitty has a preferred spot for playing with his toy that his owner keeps on taking away and throwing for some reason."

Also, I second the "clean your damn apartment" motion.
Wonko the Sane

The irony is that in DF your dudes will happily trek halfway across the map on a seconds notice to pick up a sock.

The Townleybomb
+1 for the stains on the chair.
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