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Desc:Magistral faceplant on an otherwise boring show.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Stunts
Tags:Americas got Talent, faceplant, Knocked Out
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Comment count is 28
"I ...am an ACTION figure." Needs to become a tag.
I would but for some reason wasn't logged in when I submitted this. Damnit.

So can I rate it then? :-D

It's got to be the best faceplant I've ever seen, complete with elongated head flip with arms along the side on the perfect reception.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Nice headstand.
Just like any action figure, he need someone else to move him.
chairs sold seperately

The PA system (or Jerry Springer) should have said either "DUDE I TOLD YOUR ASS!!!" or "Dude, are you okay?"
Great act.
Yeah, but I can only do it once!

The headstand is really just straight out of a cartoon, so much so that it's distracting me from enjoying this because I can't picture the human body actually doing that.
It's like throwing a bowling pin at a row of smaller bowling pins.
Magistral indeed
The panelists and backstage guys are all reacting like a referee in wrestling when someone is genuinely injured from a move:

"Um, let's just wait a little longer, and everything will be fine.
Uh oh, nothing is fine yet.
Magistral is a great neologism. Who needs the perfectly functional magisterial.

I laughed so hard at this I cried pee out of my eyeballs.
That's weird because this video made my dickhole shed a single salty tear.

I don't understand what he was trying to do in the first place... Jump over the chairs? Land on them? The little trampoline does absolutely nothing to help him anyway...
I did not think this would be so funny. Oh, how wrong I was. The most perfect faceplant ever.
God, did he go directly into decerebrate posturing? 5 stars

Based on this, that means brain stem damage. That can't be good.

Oh fuck!

Brain herniation. A part of your brain gets pulled into a cavity where it's not supposed to be via brain stem tugging on it like a string.

Permanent damage almost for sure.

10. Do NOT submit videos featuring people receiving serious injuries Including breaking bones, getting hit by trains or cars, etc

stars for OMGWTF

Adham Nu'man
That faceplant was so awesome that for a while everyone was unsure if it was all part of the act.
At first I thought it was intentional, so they all probably did too, but then he didn't get up... making it a comedy act... but then he didn't get up...

As is typically the question in faceplant videos, I have to ask: What was the actual intent? Was he supposed to just jump over a row of folding chairs? Would that have been an exhibition of talent?
i watched it with my mother, and while i laughed she said," oh i think he broke his neck."

sure sucked the funny out of it
He hits the edge of the trampoline and knocks it out from under himself, and from there, well, it's all bad news.

If he seemed like a total idiot it would be funny, but I don't know, I got the 'he's done this sort of thing before' vibe, which makes it messed up for me, like when gymnasts have their accidents. This wasn't the average "dude, what would happen?" video.

I'm weird like that I guess.

Ragdoll physics.
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