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Desc:while naked (NSFW manbutts)
Category:Military, Nature & Places
Tags:Sweden, AT-4
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Comment count is 15
they burnt themselves on the anti-tank weapon.

Also: high pitched voices
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What's with the naked?

Doesn't anybody feel the need to explain the naked part?
The Swedish Army works on an advanced "shirts and skins" process.

They made it through WW2 with nary a scratch by having public nude trampolining exhibitions. The Germans just figured it was better to forget about the image and focus on the Jews.


"If someone made a movie about your life, would you be naked in it shooting guns?"

Their nakedness was made weirder by the fact that there were four or five clothed people watching them.

This is surreal.
Troy Hurtubise invisible body armour
The Townleybomb
I found this enjoyable on a number of different levels.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
A nude man strafing you enhances the primal fear of death whilst the shock buys a valuable split second advantage in a first strike scenario.

This is also why Swedish air marshals never blend in on flights.
The +5% pitch is messing with my head.
Stupid, sexy Sweden...
Syd Midnight
Are you sure that's an AT4? AT4's are one-shot disposables. What they're using looks like the Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle the AT4 is based on. It's like a man-portable howitzer. Scandinavians are scary with those.

Also I'm pretty sure there was at least one woman in the video. Swedes are cool that way.
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