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Desc:Pretty good for a 5 minute summary. Watch for some worldly context.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Nature & Places
Tags:Evolution, nature, david attenborough, Charles Darwin
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Comment count is 15
People who have trouble understanding and accepting this concept are taking it all way, way too literally: they think that one day some fish just decided grow legs and crawl up onto land and that that very act made them a new animal; they think that one day a bird hatched from a dinosaur egg, or that a monkey gave birth to a human.

These are also the people who have trouble understanding their own religions because they take those too literally as well.
Well the video DOES completely neglect the roles of mutation and natural selection, so what we're left with is animals sprouting limbs for no discernable reason. Maybe I've been watching that potholer fellow too much lately, but if a guy with a British accent is going to tell me about speciation, he damn well better mention beneficial and deleterious mutations at least in passing.

Yes, sadly, it neglects a lot of things - but it's a 5 and a half minute video. This is to evolution as the "birds and the bees" talk is to sexual reproduction: you don't have to mention meiosis to tell a child where babies come from.

For that matter, in most of Attenborough's more recent work, detailed explanations take a back seat to his efforts to share with us a feeling of wonder and awe towards our planet and the stuff that lives on it. And I dig that.

Syd Midnight
What confuses them is that their position CAN be fully summarized in 2-3 minutes, so they feel that trumps anything that takes several months to summarize, because who has that kind of time?

So what is this suppose to teach me, that my Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandpappy was a DINOSAUR????

Well, that's actually pretty damn awesome.
I think mine was a sponge, considering the way I drink.
Tuan Jim
They evolved from seaweeds that washed ashore and decided to grow roots.

Mister Yuck
This doesn't explain anything. Plus one star for Attenborough.
it's a 5 minute summary

Predictably, the Youtube comments are full of stupidity and ignorance beyond imagination.

Always five stars for Sir David Attenborough.
Yeah cool comments

"Your primordial God does not exist .....you should be worship being a jar of peanut butter because that's your imaginary God.. your evolutionary view is sad with out hope without evidence. Just speculation, and theory."

"No human has ever been able to make a cell other than on paper. So evolution is not scientific theory it's a religion. Forget the cell just create a mitochondria with rhizomes. Or just make a double helix.. surely you can create the enzyme used in mitosis. Just say primordial soup and you can skip all this."

a friend of mine contributes to research for a cure for alzheimer's by directly genetically modifying mice in a lab, so they can later be tested. you inject the right stuff, and they respond in predictable ways, forgetting to feed, eating children they no longer recognize, and so on.

Primordial god is cool sounding.

Much better than a fake zombie god, anyway!

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