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Desc:Youtube comments if you dare
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Fatlip, swollen lips
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Comment count is 6
Okay...now squeeze.

Also, "fat lipped beaner" eh? Five for evil racism.
jaychel323 (1 year ago) Show Hide
Wow what a fucking big lip spic wetback. Man I bet he sucks a lot of tacos.

mugser3 (5 days ago) Show Hide
i hate mexicans god their so poor. we should create a gas that only kills them and once their dead, we can urinate on their bodies

godswordofsaradomin (1 month ago) Show Hide
fucking white cracker red neck fucks. fuck this video... you fucking white trash shit! HEY DONT FUCK YOUR SISTER WHILE IM TALKING TO YOU RED NECK!

WallyGeorgeisRIGHT (3 months ago) Show Hide
Ha ha ha.. I remember this white friend of mine was riding a horse and out of nowhere a bumble bee showed up and stung his dick. I was rolling. Kid was a big bully and fell down crying and all his victims kicked the shit out of him when he was down. He had to go to the hospital. Fate man.. pure fate.

Stay classy youtube

a flaming monkey

Reyna137 (1 week ago) Show Hide
im mexican and i dont like beans but i go weeks without showering and i like chees and crackers. does this make me a dirty cracker?

quebeautifulsoy (4 weeks ago) Show Hide
Some celebs are prolly bouta be all over this lol

m1grand125 (2 months ago) Show Hide
beaner beaner beaner beaners eat beans who gives a flying cats rectum u all live on welfare =] have a nice day

The Internet, bringing people together.

You missed my favorite one:

slayer686 (4 months ago) Show Hide
hes catching niggeritis´╗┐

What is with all the fat lip videos lately?

I totally approve.
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