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Desc:wuxia week returns, with more kung fu lasers than ever before
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:Shaw Brothers, wuxia, jin yong, yi yang finger
Submitted:chaos owl
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Comment count is 21
Jet Bin Fever
The bad guy melted like a candy cane. How festive!
Sudan no1
The twist is that he's actually a sentient giant tube of aquafresh.


I asked my asian and/or oriental co-worker about this and she said lasers aren't real, so... fake???
Hello?!?? ... Since when do lasers shoot out of people's hands?

It's called chi.

As in Holy Chi-sus Fucking Christ that clip rocked!

Not fake.

That's what she wants you to believe. Next time your coffee gets cold just casually ask her if she can warm it up and see if you get a light show.

I feel really sorry for the guy who got hooked in the balls and was thrown against the cliff.
chaos owl
yeah that wire harness looks uncomfortable

That's not supposed to happen to the good guys!

Spit Spingola
This movie has everything.
Wuxia-tastic! I need to get this one, i should submit some clips from Bastard Swordsman too. Not with these many lasers but quite rad neverless.
This is awesome. His head asplode.
That's why lasers have that little sticker telling you not to shine them in peoples eyes. Try it.

j lzrd / swift idiot
I mean really, what?
Baby Finster
I think killing that last guy was bad for the environment.
What a lame John Carpenter ripoff.
what the fuck is this some kind of videogame
I love posting irrelevant comments because I have a bizarre grudge or something.
video game?
Anyone giving one star to some good ol wuxia madness deserves a kick in the head.
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