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Desc:He thinks he has dignity, isn't that cute?
Category:Humor, Video Games
Tags:Violence, games, bowser, overthinker, gamer
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Comment count is 15
I dunno that was kinda compelling.
Is this still an issue?
I thought they just slapped an age limit and it was done with.

For a guy totally against believers... he sure does get on the pulpit quite a bit.

Also, asking gamers not to bitch about other gamers is like asking this gamer... well, not to bitch.
Yeah, seriously. He should take some of his own advice, especially the BE POLITE part.

You'll never get anyone to think the way you do about an issue if you call them morons, dumb, or crazy. You've already lost the battle by that point.

The "Stupid, Crazy, or Liar" thing is actually a reference to a long standing argument. (Ironically invented to defend Theistic claims, but now more often seen being used against apologists.)


Jeff Fries
Fat, bald, and philosophical about video games is no way to go through life

i enjoy his videos but... a bowser t-shirt... c'mon man!
Caminante Nocturno
We surround them.
Us? Them? Allies?!? What we need?!? This is what I don't like about the whole video game culture that popped up post Penny Arcade. My hobby and favorite medium does not make me a member of an oppressed group of people and is not an important cause that needs defending, let alone this weird propaganda-like rallying cry.
5 for you.

Dr Dim
Imagine getting stuck on a plane next to this guy. You ask him an innocent question about his Nintendo and the rest of the flight is like this.
So Vera still hasn't let him back in the house, eh?
Is that Movie Bob????
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