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Desc:One Dude vs. Drug Dealing
Category:General Station, Educational
Tags:drugs, Annapolis, Maryland, Eating Food On The Street
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Comment count is 11
There is no way to eat dinner on the corner of the street without appearing at least partially deranged.
Um, we sail our yacht to Annapolis all the time. It's beautiful, what with the Naval Academy and town square, and has tons of great restaurants. How badass can this corner be?
Midnight Man
Well if anyone is gonna have his finger on the pulse of what's really going on in a city it's gonna be the dude who occassionally visits there in his yacht

Well I mean it's not The Wire goin' on. But that's probably cause Baltimore doesn't have docks for dudes to park their yachts.

brujas y mothman
Clay St isn't that bad compared to other areas. But, if you're white and walking around there after dark, you will be approached, you will be asked what you're doing there, and you will be told to turn the fuck around (this is preferable to walking around Admiral's Crest after dark and being arrested as a "suspicious person" because money isn't oozing from your pockets).

It is much better than Robinwood, Newtowne, or any of the other projects, though.

Annapolis isn't Baltimore, but for a town this size, there shouldn't be as many muggings/assaults as there are in the police blotter.

Baltimore inner harbor has tons of docks. Baltimore is a festering shithole, and the one time we sailed there it took 4 hours to scrub the black sludge off of the hull, and we literally pulled up a tire with the anchor. Nasty place.

Hoboken (where I live) to the rescue!
Urban drug Problem: Fixed!
Fuck this cinematography and music. 4 stars for me thinking the thing at the end was "Clay Street Stripper Club"
That was the worst camera work I've ever seen. Ever.

wtf japan
When these muthafuckas gonna realize: THA PUSHA DON'T CARE.
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