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Desc:Obama poses with over 100 foreign dignitaries and doesn't even flinch.
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:obama, Barack Obama, photo op, international people
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Consistency is victory.
When the Hitler Marxist Fascist Socialists take over America with their Obamabots, Obama's unchanging face is going to be the last thing a redneck patriot sees before he dies.
If you want a picture of the future, imagine a welfare queen's diamond-encrusted stiletto heel stamping on a white face ... for ever.

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+ 5 stars for Robama


15 Stars


3 monitors

= 5 stars.

Would have fived it if they had used Eric Prydz "Call On Me"

Re: http://parisfacial.ytmnd.com/
Albuquerque Halsey

And somewhere, C. Nocturne got a boner and isn't quite sure why.

Reagan had the same gift, but like with his whole body; when he had a bunch of photos to take with campaign supporters or whatever you could line those photos up and he be dead on his mark, same posture, each time.
That was a cardboard cutout.

Time Travel Mishap
It was?? So THAT'S why he wouldn't talk to me...

Well shit... now I feel bad about convincing that guy that Jodie Foster would fuck him if he shot Reagan.

No it was Reagan but he was easily mistaken for a cardboard cut out

I don't blame him for just having the one, super cheerful, expression. The media loves nothing more than an angry looking picture of someone to use against them.
The Townleybomb
Man, being president looks EXCITING.

-1 because you can see his thumb moving slightly in a couple of those shots. GUESS HE FORGOT HIS TELEPROMPTER, RIGHT ENJOY?
All I'm saying is... Michelle is a woman built for pleasure.

To be fair, if I had to take 100 pictures in a row like Obama apparently had to here, I'm thinking I would trend towards one set thing and just phone it in from there.
Clearly more proof of the alien reptoid conspiracy. Like anyone had any doubts.
Foreign dignitaries are short.
Actually, Obama is 7'8".

Obama = so awesomes
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