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Desc:I found this disturbing
Category:General Station, Sports
Tags:Russian, kid, child, strong, boy
Submitted:split tail
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Comment count is 13
infinite zest
I think I could take him
I probably couldn't.

Maybe the Chernobyl legacy will be legions of these so-called "Super Boys"

Tkanke You For Watch!
New meaning to the term "steroid freak baby."
Is it just me, or does that rapping sound like a Russian Eminem?

Also, I was disappointed that this wasn't the German baby that was somehow born with ripped muscles, but still cool none the less.
Chernobyl was a horrible, horrible disaster.
Hugo Gorilla
On one hand I can understand without cynicism why a parent would record their precociously athletic son. The pride must be overwhelming to know that your genes contributed to a super-evolved future human.

But then I remember "Little Hercules" and how his media whore parents dragged him to every talk show that would have them and how his premature musculature caused stunted bone growth.
That kid is going to be really short.
Freeman Gordon
I feel like I broke the law and committed a crime watching this.
i saw some fat on there. kid could stand to lose a few more pounds. what a fatty
Frank Rizzo
isnt this really bad for him?
I don't think his dad is too concerned with "good for him"

Mother russia's ace card to return to power. There are probably a couple of factories in the woods producing kids like him 24/7
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