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Desc:A 'baby' is 'born' in Second Life. To the haunting strains of 'With Arms Wide Open.'
Category:Horror, Video Games
Tags:second life, birth, Edan, video games will rot your brain
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Comment count is 20
Rape Van Winkle
-1 star for everything in this video. +5 stars because they actually show her cunt.
My girlfriend's online university uses Second Life as its main social network. Officially. I just choose not to ask about it.
The Townleybomb
I am really pretty proud that I cannot even imagine wanting to do or be in any way involved in anything like this.
Way to set the bar for pride incredibly low.

Sudan no1
4:13 that's the look of an infanticide if I've ever seen one!
This video couldn't go ten seconds without a furry.

Five because she gave birth to Spritle, even though I seriously feel like I am watching a video of some kind of group of horrible social victims of some force so dark I can barely comprehend its scope.
Who wants to bet that the delivery animation is the same one used for the "conception?"
Second Life is still around and being used? Damn it.
Fraps, more like faps, AMIRITE?
Catboys, cheerleaders, and nurses with gigantic asses, we are gathered here today to witness the birth of this loving couple's lifeless trinket baby. *tear*
Life should have been in quotes in the description as well.
Vagina w/twinkly lights = a billion stars forever.
You gave birth to a prop! Congratulations!
a flaming monkey
What the fuck
So apparently birth in Second Life is accompanied by hundreds of will o' the wisps. Good to know I suppose. Also, this is the first that I can recall being exposed to Second Life. It seems I am not missing much, other than horrible character models and major clipping issues.
Syd Midnight
I've only been on SL a few hours in my life but in that time I helped a bunch of W-Hat goons ruin a wedding while dressed as giant tarantulas then I uninstalled it. So I figure I quit while I was ahead.
a flaming monkey
You just made the game sound good. Don't do that.

Ah ha ha ha! The baby pops out like paper from an inkjet printer.
Those aren't her arms.
he tried early withdrawal method but due to laggy servers they now have a baby
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