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Desc:You're going to dance to this, and you are going to like it.
Category:General Station
Tags:commercial, Japan, dance for no reason
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Comment count is 22
Time Travel Mishap
And then they were raped.
By me.

Except for the dude.

No, wait. Wait. The dude too. And the people in the costumes, but they have to leave them on. Maybe the reindeer.

There was a dude?

You guys have been watching too many Glenn Beck clips.

Elvis Hitler
Especially the people in the costumes.

does japan actually have reindeer parks and huge statues of demons
Yes and yes.

a flaming monkey
fuck yes! Go to Nara. The place is fucking plagued by roving bands of deer. You can't walk anywhere without stepping in shit. God help you if you're a German tourist who gets duped into buying some grain to feed them... They left only a skeleton behind.
Also go to Nara if you want to see giant 'demon' statues. The guardians in Todai-ji temple are freakin' awesome.

There's actually a device designed solely to keep deer away from your fancy paper walled house. I can't remember what it's called other than "the thing that goes doink".

Oh god.

That 'NYUN NYUN' sound is like a cheese grater to my auditory canals.

Goddammit, Japan.
Seconded. They try too hard to be "kawaii".

Turns out 30 seconds is a really long time when you don't fill it with anything.
Influence Device TIMR
I uh

five stars?
Caminante Nocturno
I am turned on by every human being in this commercial.
That thing in the background isn't really a human per se.

I could swear I one starred this already. Maybe I voted it down, and it felt like a one star.
This actually is one of the lesser catchy tunes to come out of Japan. It's got nothing on the Pizza-La jingle.
j lzrd / swift idiot
dont tell me what to do riskbreaker, you aint the boss of me!
Most of the users hating this already have this as their cellphone ring.
Hahaha, holy shit, that dude is Ryoutarou from Kamen Rider Den-O!

Not that any of you guys give a shit.
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