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Desc:It' da damndest thang seein alls dem ol' folkses in one place.
Category:General Station
Tags:Lonnie, OldFolksIsland
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Comment count is 14
You done scared me.
The Mothership
Lonnie's social commentary on aging in America adds an important voice to the national dialogue.
Caminante Nocturno
That is such an old person thing to do in front of a camera.
"Daayyyuuuum is dis what I have to look forward to?"---pondering one's own mortality, wacky black guy style.
I'm not 100% sure Lonnie is black.

I'm 80% sure he isn't.

And I'm only 60% sure he's a man.

Lonnie is post-racial. Lonnie is all of the good elements of Southern folk, melted down and purified and solidified into an ingot.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm pretty sure Lonnie is post-English. Eventually our language will evolve to sound this completely enigmatic. Lonnie is ahead of his time.

Syd Midnight
Lonnie is a talented orator but Lonnie is also the least likely person to ever be asked to voice an AI in a video game. Lonnie is just too human.

The last 10 seconds makes the entire video.
I sincerely wish I was this constantly blown away by my fellow human beings, my environment, and nature.
I've always wanted a narrator for my life. Now I know unequivocally that I want that narrator to be Lonnie. I'd actually like every narrator to be Lonnie.
i love how every video ends with lonnie yelping at whoever is his driver to get them out of mundane situations

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