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Desc:The same 'tiel that whistled the chocobo theme.
Category:Pets & Animals, Video Games
Tags:final fantasy, short and sweet, better animals, Cockatiel, Chocobo
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Comment count is 14
I got 24 gil.
Better animal!
James Woods
Not impressed. -1 for the flat ending.
Caminante Nocturno
He only does this if you spin around and jump up and down.

Five stars for animal cruelty.
Syd Midnight
If you don't teach a cockatiel what to whistle it'll make shit up on its own, and they ain't exactly little Beethovens. "The Earsplitting Shriek" is their national anthem.

That bird is a nerd! It's a berd!
my parrot whistles the andy griffith theme song! and makes a deceptively accurate car unlocking/locking sound.
And I thought the pinnacle of things to teach a cockatiel was the Empire March from Star Wars. Clearly I have much to learn.
Don't forget the 'Kill Bill' cockatiel!


there is a lot of final fantasy happening in that house.
High School me would of thought this was awesome.
That birds life is a skinner box in hell.
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