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Desc:welco metot henex tlevel
Category:Advertisements, Video Games
Tags:Sega, game gear, bug zappers
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Comment count is 16
The Game Gear used more electricity than the bug zapper.
I gotta say I loved the game gear. Mortal kombat was atrocious on it though.
Well more to the point you could win spamming the same combo over and over.

Also I cant tell if this commercial is like " your a redneck dumbass if you dont get with the times and go through double A batter after double A all to play your brick sized game gear!" or are they " Too poor to own a Game-gear? FUCK YOU, YOU SUCK,TRASH! "

Either way I had one and it was both great and amazingly shitty all at once. After about 2yrs I kinda was like whatever and shelved it, whereas curiously I kept on playing my Game-boy and its many incarnations to come.

Yellow Lantern
50% more batteries than the Game Boy with half the battery life!
Caminante Nocturno
Sega's American advertising department was staffed entirely by assholes.
unknown rebel
Pft. Only impoverished people would say a thing like that.

go hit yourself with a petrified magical girl squirrel, NINTENDORK

Owned the device. Still have a small library of games:

:14 - I want to say that it's the Star Wars game. But I'm not sure. Still an excellent game that I've yet to get the perfect ending for. *****

:16 - Madden '95 - Awesome football game. The Kansas City Chiefs rocked with the best offensive linemen and a quarterback that could outrun the A.I. Eventually traded it with a kid at school for Star Wars. ****

~:16 - Sega's World's Series baseball game. Easily the best game I had on the system. The act of being able to create two unique teams and purchase players for them, plus the ability to be able to play the American and National League World Series teams made it fun to play again and again. *****

:17 - Sonic 2. Holy crap, that game made me so mad. Explored every tile in that goddamn game, but still couldn't find the last Chaos Emerald portal needed to beat it. I seriously think they didn't program the final bonus stage into the actual game. Was never able to play as Tails (note advertisement shows the gamer playing Tails).***

:26 - Mortal Kombat for the Game Gear? Why yes, it's the single worst idea of the 90s. Congratulations, twinkieafteroon. You won 90's week. *

The average score is 3.6, I'll round it up to 4 for the description.
Sega should had released a re-design of the game gear, one that didn't eat so many batteries. With that, and the proper game library, it could had been the real competition for the game boy.

Instead, sega released the nomad, the end.
The Nomad has the best library of any portable game system ever :)

But yeah, I'm surprised the Nomad didn't have a laserdisc player attached to it.

On a hunch, I just checked to see if there were any combination Genesis / laserdisc players, and, I don't know why I bothered. Of course there were.

It had a 3D glasses accessory. JESUS CHRIST

Sega does what Nintendon't

Like filling landfills with spent batteries
Aubrey McFate
See, the thing was that the Game Gear was neat, but every time I played a friend's system the games always sucked.

On my Game Boy, I had Zelda.
Batteries? Pshaw, you wire that up in an AC adapter and you're good to go. My dad did that with the original Gameboy just so he could play Tetris.
The Mothership
GameBoy all the way, baby.
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