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Desc:Featuring a young Michael J Fox and Paul Reubens as a quarter shooting cowboy.
Category:Classic Movies, Video Games
Tags:Pee Wee Herman, arcade, paul reubens, michael j fox, Midnight Madness
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Comment count is 7
"Oh, I love Star Wa...Fire..."

Paul hadn't quite workshopped the voice yet.
Pee Wee blew a load (of quarters) into that guy's hand.

Micheal J Fox twitched his way to a victory.
Binro the Heretic
I actually played Star Fire when I was a kid! They had it at the arcade a block over from our house.

It was a cockpit-style machine, too, so a kid could really get into the game. I must have spent a thousand bucks worth of quarters pretending to be Luke Skywalker...uh...I mean DUKE Skywalker.
That was a real game? I always figured it was a mock up for this movie.. that's interesting , as it would've beaten the official Star Wars arcade game by several years.


Well hell, would you look at that.

Midnight Magic was totally a real game.

Not nearly as good as this, though...

Magic/Madness, whatever.
Testicles of Doom
poor, poor David Naughton
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