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Desc:Uses empty beer cans to demonstrate how our economy is screwed. Also doesn't like Obama.
Category:General Station
Tags:beard, black people, obama, demoniusx, haters
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 17
never has one man been so eager to spew his stupidity onto the world
You must be new around here. Demonius is neither unique, nor exceptional in the field of sharing stupidity over the internet.

... he is fatter than most though, and that's an achievement of sorts.

No, you are wrong. DemoniusX is the dumbest non-congenitally retarded feature on POETV, if not Youtube. He also tries very hard, and on camera, to piece together the very confusing world he lives in. It never quite works, and so it's black people/women/liberals/whomever peeved him off yesterday that is at fault.

It's mesmerising.

That facial hair / fungus / dark side of the moon.

I wonder if it only grows that way or if he shaves to excentuate his neck beard.

wolf shirt, morbid obesity, filth and disarray, idiot rage ... no, the gargantuan neck beard is his defining characteristic, an unkempt and filthy black mark that warns even the porkiest and ugliest of females that no amount of self-hatred could ever be worth this

Goethe and ernie
Christ he's utterly disgusting, I wish I could vomit blood all over his greasy folds
This just in:
fat, disgusting, unpopular manblob hates successful, attractive people. Film at 11.
Frank Rizzo
beard of ants
Vestigial Johnson
When he brought up disabled people I half expected he was going to revisit his theory of "THAT'S WHY YOU'RE ALL FUCKED UP! IN YOUR BODY!" being due to his fictional ex breaking up with him or whatever
When he brought up disabled people, I was surprised because I thought he was a disabled people.

His beard appears to be some sort of lichen or moss; considering how sedentary he probably is, this wouldn't be a surpise.
For a critic of a 'socialist president' he sure does like public transportation and sure does seem unhappy about high Amtrak rates.

His parables about economic theories are charming. Kind of like watching an ant trying to carry something five hundred times its body mass.
This guy actually died years ago, the beard took over and is now controlling the body.
"Okay that topic is over." This guy is so fat that he's ruining other fat people for me. There are some decent fat folks out there. Thanks to this load I hate all of 'em.
split tail
at 5:00, shouldn't the people who don't won't to work be represented by the bottom can, or the top one even; why is he attacking the middle can?
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