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Desc:i hate all of you honkeys
Category:Humor, Advertisements
Tags:commercial, yellow people, all is faggot
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The Mothership
I'ma club this baby seal to get you a better deal!
Caminante Nocturno
What an offensive ad. I'll be sure to avoid shopping at this place.
I'd still shop there, I don't think his racism really mattress.
That's a miserable joke there, pal. Miserable enough to earn a five.

i agree. you sat down, typed that in and looked at it and still hit submit.

Oh shit, this posture is a real pedicphile.

I enjoyed his effort to offend everyone equally
Pretty much a composite of very real kinds of ads that are usually done for used cars.
Also the guy looks like a serial killer clown without his makeup.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm pretty sure I've seen ads that were this bad in reference to Native Americans. That is some dead on parody right there.
Is this an Eric and Tim thing?
Syd Midnight
Only the sense that the parody is almost, but not quite, as funny as the real thing.

Oh, I get it.
Could be a real commercial from the 70s.
5 for the dead-on mafia guy impression.
Was going to be five stars until the end revealed that it's fake.
Big Muddy
You learned all there is to know about this site African.
You iz now lernd all upp!!!
Eddie Pepitone!
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