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Desc:I had no idea they did this.
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:toy, bear, cub, purring, black bear
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Comment count is 9
Black bear cub 'Purrs' as it 'Nurses' on a toy.
Welp, there's your problem. Blown alternator. Won't be cheap.
Sample that and use it as the noise for a monster in the next Silent Hill game.
Boomer The Dog
That could be the new noise for the 'Big Dog' robot.
Harold Manchester
Black bear cub "viciously mauls" camera person.
Don't touch the damn bear!
Would get five stars if in super slo-mo.
Bear sonar is nature's most cruel joke if you're a maulable object within 700 yards.
a minor ursa from Ursa_minor
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