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Category:Horror, Nature & Places
Tags:Evil, turtles, BP, CEO Shredder, sea turtles
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Comment count is 23
lieutenant halfabeef
Five stars for that tag.

Tonight I dine of Turtle Flambé!!

Urkel Forever
Misleading headline even if still probably a bad thing to do.
Doesn't seem too misleading to me. I don't think any of us thought BP was rounding up turtles and throwing them on a bonfire, but they are certainly burning turtles.

Thank you fatatty for the mental image of a blazing turtle inferno, fed by a parade of british men in suits.

I thought that fatty.

Except instead of british men it was poor workers earning minimum wage while being told not to wear any safety equipement or get fired.

So they're committing multiple felonies, which carry penaltiles of up to ,000 each, and one year in jail?

Good. Now maybe the CEOs that caused this mess will see some jail time.
This is America. You and I both know that's not going to happen.

Giant corporations are like the military. The worst criminals are always insulated from their crimes by multiple layers of disposable subordinates.

"But I don't know if the headache was so much just from seeing everything you know destroyed and disgusting" or maybe it was from inhaling high levels of various hydrocarbons, many of which are harmful and even carcinogenic (eg. benzene).
If those turtles don't like oily water, let them move to China and live under Communism for a while, they'll be begging for oily water in no time.
Jet Bin Fever
They're reaching that "spontaneously combustible" level of evil at this point. Combustible... like endangered turtles... :(
You can see the tremendous sadness in his eyes.

I can bring myself to rate this five stars because of that... so I'm going to rate this one star and favorite it.

That's how the rating system works right?
teenage mutant lisa turtle
Countering with 5 in case your shenanigans break poetv

Estimates are 658 sea birds, 279 turtles and 36 dolphins/whales died yesterday in the oil spill disaster. Just as many died today and will die tomorrow and the next day.

BP doesn't have what it takes to act on the crisis. Obama won't act on the crisis. When people who live in the Gulf region try to save their state the federal government tells them they not allowed and the news won't report the whole story. What in the Sam Hill is going on?!
Sorry my source of information confused the daily average with the daily total. In the past 71 days there have been found: 1,165 dead birds, 436 dead turtles and 51 dead whales/dolphins. http://dailydeadbirds.com/

Because normal people can't do shit to stop this and would only get themselves poisoned messing around with the oil.

Or would do more damage with those ass retarded burms suggested by a republican governer without a fucking clue or qualifications to suggest such a plan.

Nobody has was it takes to act on the crisis. Obama can't act because there isn't anything to act on. BP doesn't know what the fuck to do, and neither would the marine corp of engineers or army or coast guard or 500 Gordon Freemans or 700 Joe Montanas.
Nobody planned for this, ever. Everyone is unprepared and in full on damage control, and no money or time has ever been invested into techniques cleaning up a spill like this. This is a 50-75 year failure, maybe even longer.

"Nobody planned for this, ever." Or made the oil companies plan for it, despite the fact that it happens a lot.

Ok, I get what you mean, the scale is enormous, yes. Spills happen a lot but not ones this large.

Yeah, that's what I mean. Never at any point did anyone plan for this, they simply decided that the chances were "zero", they told the government that and the government went "Hey alright cool, go nuts".

"I like turtles!..."

But seriously, even without any further evidence, I think it's very safe to believe BP is doing this simply because history teaches us that corporations must take cost based decisions, however outrageous they may be, because of fundamental and intrinsic reasons --they wouldn't really be corporations if they operated differently--; and it's cheaper for them to just light it all up.
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