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Desc:guy flies a plane around the oil spill and talks about it
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Nature & Places
Tags:disaster, Dolphins, oil, Oil spill, Gulf of Mexico
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Comment count is 8
I need to move.
Also, I should use youtube doubler to sync this with clips of Mississippi governor Haley Barbour's PSAs and tourism ads claiming "The Gulf is FINE and EVERYTHING is safe to EAT!"

Also also, it's been un-ironically suggested to me at least four times since this started that my next move should be to get a job cleaning up the oil once the Census is over.
None of the Valdez cleanup crew is alive today. They all dies of various illnesses.

Nice pay check.

It was fun while it lasted.

Remember the Gulf guys. It'll never be the same again.


That was cool and all, but since when is the word oil pronounced ohl?
Making note of the Gulf accent was old by like day 10.

I wish the narrator were Lonnie. Or anything to make this less depressing. Like, I guess, it had never happened or whatever.

Wait, how long has this thing been going on now?!?

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