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Desc:No matter how bad things get, your life is much better than his
Category:General Station, Horror
Tags:trash, Demonius X, neck beard, beer face
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 25
he only wishes he had a woman to abuse him
K. Brass
I keep staring at that grotesque fuzzy neck.
That hair is like two inches long. It's the most horrific facial hair I have ever seen.

What facial hair style can you recommend that will make me look more like Beast Man?

*nods furiously in agreement for 30 minutes straight*
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Look how high all that crap is stacked in the back there.
Gee, I never thought I'd see his 'fun' side...
I get smarter when I'm drunk. At least it seems that way to me.
Lauritz Melchior
He's grown fatter. More rotund. Globular.
Vestigial Johnson
"why do women put up with abusive men?"

"I'm a proud misogynist. I'm engaged."

DemoniusX isn't capable of anything but 5's. God he looks horrid, even for him.

I LOVE DemoniusX. He's so undeservedly angry and smug. I love it.

PS: Dear DemoniusX, smart people are often smart when they're drunk.

Macho Nacho
I'm just waiting for his hairy neckbeard to lob off his face and roll down his chest.
Oh god oh god beer makes him puke. God bless the man who can be rendered puking drunk on beer.
Syd Midnight
That Labatts tallboy got his head so twizted it's on upside down

It's even worse, cause he was all wobbly and wise and maudlin over nintendo after TWO f'ing tallboys.

Now THAT'S a neckbeard. One can only imagine how horribly greasy it is.
His second chin has the power of illusion. He's tricked your eyes into believing that he still has a neck.

According to his neck worm, this winter is going to suck.
I know I always mention the neckbeard, but.....seriously.

I know that haircut - Dwight Schrute.
maybe he is a time traveler and he is the dna mutation of both dwayne and bill.

maybe he is the future

His neck is furrier then his chin is. Which is a terrible look for fat people.

Ive heard a rumor that DemoniusX was employed at a Walmart in Westland, MI. Can anyone confirm?
Goethe and ernie
Even at my lowest ebb, I have never been anywhere near this worthless. Good work, tubby!
He's an Adventure-Goer!
A Thundercats tatoo?! Holy shit!
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