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Desc:Andy "Conservapedia" Schlafly tries to have a senator recalled
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:New Jersey, conservapedia, schlafly, menendez
Submitted:Herr Matthias
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Herr Matthias
Description got cut off, so here's a long version:

Andy "Conservapedia" Schlafly was hired by the NJ teabaggers to be the representation for an effort to recall Bob Menendez, one of NJ's senators, on the pretense that Menendez no longer represented the will of the people by voting for the health care bill.

Basically, Schlafly's entire argument hinges on a private letter written by George Washington that contained something about the "right of recall". The justices (in between continually reminding him to stay on topic) point out that the issue was debated at the Constitutional Convention and dropped, and, besides, the Constitution is quite clear that Senators are to serve for six years. Schlafly repeatedly says "That's an excellent point, but..." before just reiterating variations of his original argument.

Needless to say, Schlafly didn't win.
asian hick
I bet Harvard Law is proud.
Andy Schlafly sounds like a muppet when he talks, and I love it
Is he trying to conjure up a fireball? Or perhaps a frost attack?
John Malkovich is PISSED.
See.these are the moments to savor...when raving, right wing fucktards and their weird tea party logic have to actually come up against the reality of the ACTUAL HISTORY of the country they pretend to know all about.

This is why I kind of want to see all these nutty lawsuits get into court.
It's like they pour through history books looking for phrases they can add "------ Obama" to, context be damned.

It's also worth noting how these people always want the democratic and constitutional process IGNORED when it works in their favor, but yet claim to be the country's greatest patriots EVAR.

MacGyver Style Bomb
"The ends justify the means" is a core component of their worldview.

One Justice is an flustered college tutor, the others stare at their pencils hoping something new is written on them.

Teabaggers will eat this up. Maybe Schlafly should teach a course in patriotic anti-intellectualism for political gain (I'm probably giving him too much credit).
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