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Desc:Featuring their thrilling new song, 'Get Your Boots in the Mud (and Your Hands in the Blood)'!
Category:Nature & Places, Sports
Tags:hunters, too hot for 73q, hands in the blood
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Comment count is 5
this thing is torture to listen to, and the lyrics are mentally devastating. Also, I'm pretty sure they killed a baby unicorn at some point.
Adham Nu'man
"I don't give a damn what you think about me, and I made this song to prove it"
I do enjoy watching the flailing clash of the "if you can eat it kill it" rednecks and the "animals are fluffy friends" sect.

-1 star for never showing that they managed to bag anything bigger than a squirrel.
The Mothership
I am a bit disappointed there are no 'kill-shots' here; these guys seem like they would be all into hunter porn vids of animals getting shot.
Words these days, just coming together randomly.
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