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Desc:Matt Hardy inexplicably films an Unsolved-Mysteries-esque recreation of the break-up.
Category:Humor, Sports
Tags:wrestling, misogyny, matt hardy, redundancy, Lita
Submitted:Yellow Lantern
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Comment count is 6
can someone help me out with what the fuck this is all about?
Painkiller abuse?

The Faghorn
Mystery revealed: both Hardys are insane. Also fat.
Is this when he was calling himself "The Angelic Diablo"?
He STILL does this stuff, by the way. A professional wrestler, on cable television, with millions of dollars, in his mid/late 30s, STILL panders for internet pity by passive-aggressively complaining about things that happen to him in Youtube videos.

Oh look, Lita's purse is left unattended. Let me just take out her cell phone and go through her messages... OH MY GOD IT'S TIME TO PLAY A GAME YOU FAT BITCH!!!!! IT'S CALLED TELL ME THE TRUTH OR I'LL CHOKE HOLD IT OUT OF YOU!!!!!111

Man, I hope this is fake. Because even his side of the story paints him like an abusive boyfriend.
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