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Desc:Get psyched, this one's a diamond.
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:mystery method, PUA, (point to schlong), road head, Jeepers Creepers
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Frank Rizzo
can someone explain the "points to schlong" tag? Is this a technique?

tomorrow im going to trader joes and point to my schlong.
http://www.fastseduction.com/guide/03_Approaching/11_The_Patterns/ p_blow.shtml

http://thefpl.us/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id= 8:episode-vii-point-to-schlong&catid=1:podcasts

Thanks, I'd forgotten exactly where it came from, myself, and didn't feel like finding the thread about it.

After rereading that stuff, I've got to give Mystery some credit. As creepy as he can be, he's a teddy bear compared to the Ross Jefferies crew. Those guys are the worst.

(point to dickee!)

Oh my god.

That reads like Michael from The Office doing porn.

it's what you do after you say "I've got your ____ right here"

The Townleybomb
So people pay how much for these videos again?
Just shy of 0 for the 5 hour/5 DVD set, according to the person who made the torrent.

0 won't seem like a lot when you're pulling HB10s left and right, bro.

Oscar Wildcat
HB10? This is sounding more and more like Scientology. Are your BT's blown when you pull an HB10?

I got about halfway through The Game before I got bored, but I made it to the part where he actually meets with scientologists and realizes they're doing the same stuff.

The sheer amount of superfluous abbreviations and terminology involved with this stuff is hilarious.

Read this article while trying to not laugh out loud:


Master PUG!

"Whilst leading her through the crowd, begin kino by holding her hand, and give it a gentle squeeze, if she squeezes back, this means she’s interested, she just gave you an IOI (Indicator of Interest)."

How'd you guys meet? Oh, I did the secret handshake and she did it back.

Adham Nu'man
Cool story bro
Clean, professional meme deployment. A+ work.

Eroticus E
He says "fucking" a lot and he drives a Camaro. I'm sold.
The Townleybomb
No, he used to date a girl who had a Camaro.

These videos are not only great, they're also educational.
So... a rescue worker blew him?
Oscar Wildcat
Heh, some story. Watching this guy is raising my self esteem by great leaps and bounds. I mean, his girlfriend is a _stripper_ ??? Jesus, how low is that? And he can't even arrange a hummer from this person on a road trip? Boy, the stories I could tell...

Yeah, this is a great story, if you want to impress someone who hates women

We really need an FAQ on how the stars work.

The only person I love hearing Camero stories from more is Carl.
Haha, what the fuck was the point of that story?
Well, see, he had a girlfriend who was a stripper once, which means that it's OK for the new stripper who's hearing this story to touch his penis.

The amount of swearing he does really adds to the telling of this fascinating story.
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