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Desc:No wonder Andromeda wants to hook up with us.
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:science, Milky Way, galactic center
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Oscar Wildcat
Amazing; Paul is an old school wingnut of the "secret government ufo factories" type; I seem to remember one of his claims that the stealth bombers were powered by antigravity engines. WTF Today Show? Can you not just interview an astronomer or astrophysicist on this subject? Evil.
I'm 5 starring the fact that you just said "WTF Today Show?" and were probably serious.

Here's a science story, now let's see what a crazy man has to say about it.
Sanest Man Alive
Dammit, why does the galaxy have to be a giant Pogo-Ball now? I want my plain old spiral back.
There was a documentary about this a couple years ago. Only they were theorizing the existence of just such a phenomenon. It has to do with shit getting sucked into a black hole. So, score one for the "black hole at the centre of the galaxy" theory.
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