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Desc:Player is clearly a scumbag but why is there an owl on the pitch?
Category:Pets & Animals, Sports
Tags:Soccer, football, owl, Colombia, luis moreno
Submitted:Dr Dim
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Comment count is 13
I thought the owl was the opposing team's mascot or some shit.
It was the opposing team's unofficial mascot, as it lived in the stadium.

WTF. And he walks free for it?
There is no freedom under the Curse of the Owl.

He's apologized a couple times, volunteered at an animal shelter, but he's still getting death threats. And in Columbia, death threats are not a good thing.

The Curse of the Owl is just a myth propagated by the owl lobby.

Worse than Dave Winfield.
so 5 star evil
5 ninja stars up that guys rectum

The owl lived in the home teams stadium and became a good luck charm...not an actual caged pet mascot.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
At first I was like, what's the big deal, an owl got creamed by a soccer ball, and then I saw it :( I'd personally kick that guy's ass but he's pretty buff so I'll just leave it to the Colombian drug lords.
Spit Spingola
:( no owl snuff videos plz
Unless the guy knew that the owl was important, who gives a shit. It got beaned, he was just clearing it off the field so play could continue. Your collective vagina wouldn't be bleeding if it were a pigeon.
Jet Bin Fever
Karma will send a giant leg from the heavens to kick him when he's down too.
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