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Desc:The only thing this kid dunks is his head on the pavement! Let's all laugh at him!
Category:Humor, Sports
Tags:basketball, dunk, faceplant, ouch my face, headbutt planet earth
Submitted:Magical Man from Happy-Land
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Comment count is 11
God, I think he plants his junk on the pole at the same time.

Jack Dalton
That was turr-ible. Turr-ible. Number one, that kid shouldn't be lookin to make plays he can't make, Ernie. Second of all, there wudn't even ah defender, breakin' it up, and he hit his head, so he should know not to attempt that again. And part three, Ernie, I'm fine with him makin that dunk...if he can make it. And Ernie, he ain't that great at dunkin.
The Mothership
For you, yo.

Jet Bin Fever
Haha, you had my love at turrible.

Syd Midnight
Ah the classic cartoon moment where someone wipes out but the tsunami of pain hasn't quite reached their brain yet so they have a couple stunned seconds where they lift their head up and look really really disappointed, then their brain catches up with their nervous system and they're down for the count.

Germans probably have a word for that that translates to FailureInjuryClarityMoment or something.
This must be one of those boom shakalakas I've heard so much about.
Champion of champions. 4 point dunk for sure. 5 stars.
The comments on this video alone are with five
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