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Desc:It's so obvious that it must be the work of some machiavellian chessmaster. Or an idiot.
Category:News & Politics, Stunts
Tags:conspiracy, Fake, alex jones, photoshop, birthers
Submitted:Space Helicopter
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Comment count is 16
What about an idiot chessmaster?
Vestigial Johnson
Embed isn't working for me, but I assume it's this video:


BREAKING NEWS alex jones is fat
Shame on people who buy into this shit. Shame on people who are dragging a once great country into the gutter.
Caminante Nocturno
So, in other words, shame on the baby boomers.

Its more than the Baby Boomers, but mostly yes.

James Woods
fucking dinosaurs

Five stars for pure unadulterated evil. Trying to tear your own country apart for personal gain. Hooray for the Birthers dragging the country back into the dark ages.
I can't lie to you. Once Alex Jones wrote something or other, I don't know what, that seemed convincing to me. Some shit about prison camps being built in USA or something 3 years ago or something. Anyway. What the fuck. Suck a giant spike and choke on your own blood, stupid fuckface.

Alcohol has cleared my mind and I see the truth now.

I didn't watch all, or most of it, but I did catch that one of his arguments being that the certificate 'is so photoshopped that it had to have been done on purpose to distract people from real obama problems'

so he IS an american now?
Rodents of Unusual Size
I literally can't watch the press conference or this. It's too depressing and disgusting. Fuck you Alex Jones and everyone else who just wants an excuse to kick and scream like an infant over of all things SECRET CONSPIRACY MUSLIM BLACK OHNOOHNO.

I can't wait until Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura have a conspiracy off about each other being secret puppets for THE SHADOW CABAL GOVERNMENT
The guest has a ponytail and a Hawaiian shirt... he must be a legitimate expert in Photoshop. Sure, he's using the wrong program and mistaking a PDF's layers for Photoshop layers, but look at that shirt!
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
hmm. disspointing. the 1st 30 seconds I thought it was a parody and then experienced that sickening feeling when you realise its serious
Jet Bin Fever
Like sewage, disinformation travels so quickly to the low places in our society.
Fake forgery? So it's real?
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